Go back to the atmosphere of Chicago of the 30s, to plunge into the world of chic and gloss, to find yourself in a pub filled with smoke of expensive cigars, will help the gangster party. Gambling, expensive jewelry, and alcohol are taboo but alluring pleasures that await the participants of the grand meeting of the “bad guys.”

Invitations to the gangster party

The general mood of the evening should be created long before the event. All guests receive in advance information about where and when the “Mafia meeting” will take place, as well as the requirements for compliance with the dress code.

Since the party is secret, the invitations should be secret. If such an event is planned as a corporate party, then you can, for example, throw flyers with the necessary information in the desktops.

How to meet the guests?

At the entrance to the room where the event will be held, you can put a person who will invite guests with appropriate enthusiasm. This may be the guy in the outfit a la “boy who sells newspapers,” he will tell about the latest news, about who is getting married, or who has an anniversary today.

You can invite a photographer with an old camera, he will welcome guests and capture happy faces. In order to make the photos memorable, you can organize a special stand against which to be photographed. A beautiful arrival of the hero of the occasion to the front door on a rented rare car will be useful, and the waitress will be brightened up by the waitress from the past, who will offer guests aromatic coffee (in cups there can be coffee itself, or gin, whiskey).

Gangster entourage

The walls are best decorated with posters in the style of the 30s. Black-and-white flyers “Wanted”, photos of New York, portraits of artists and musicians of that period. Roulette tables, game pieces, as if casually forgotten by previous visitors, any rare things – all this needs to be used, because it is from such trifles that the general mood of the evening is formed.

On the tables spread out the newspapers about the gangsters, of course, use the real names of the participants of the evening and the fictional events about them, do not forget the humor – you get a great edition that will brighten up the minutes of waiting and become a great souvenir.

By the way, do not forget to pour alcohol in coffee pots, teapots, or in “milk” bags – this is required by the era when much was forbidden. Wineglasses will also have to be set aside somewhere far away – coffee cups are fine, encrypted – so for real.

Dress in gangster

It would be nice to attach a small educational program on costumes to each invitation. For women, these are silk dresses, feathers, furs, cigarette holders, flirty hats, retro hairstyles. To create a male image you will need suspenders, ties, striped suits, combed hair, small mustaches, cigars, and revolvers.

Gangster menu

Fresh meat, fried in a hot frying pan, juicy vegetables (fresh and baked), potato slices – the menu can be quite varied. But with alcohol things are more complicated, as the dry law, which operated in the 30s in America, makes go to tricks. You should think about the beautiful supply of strong drinks in advance. Maybe you should order in the printing house stickers on the bottles in the style of those years with the words “Juice,“ Milk ”.

We select music

The sound of retro music helps to finally feel the era, to feel the rhythm of that time, its melody. In the thirties, enjoyed great popularity



Argentine tango.

If you plan to perform live music band, then the best way to stop at the guys playing jazz. And to play music in the recording select the melodies from “The Godfather”, the musical “Chicago”. On TV you can scroll without sound Musical “Chicago”.

Gangster entertainment

Organize a mini casino

Use a toy tape measure. Roulette must be with the numbers on which bets will be accepted. Choose a dealer from among the most active guests. You can bet on won chips or personal belongings, and the prizes will again be gang-oriented items.

Competition “Gangster couple”

The competition involves several couples, they are fastened to each other with handcuffs or tie hands with a rope. Each pair is given a bottle of whiskey and a ribbon. The task of each pair is to tie a ribbon bow on the bottle. The winner is the pair that coped with the task faster and better.

Competition “Disarm the enemy”

Participants are divided into two teams. Each team receives a set of paper pistols and revolvers, printed on the printer, with the name of a team. Each team hides its arsenal in different places, and then the team on the “start” of the lead must find all the “weapons” of the enemy. The team that is faster or more will find, and will be the winner.

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