1. The most banal is to simply ask for a discount from the manager.

Yes, yes, I myself do not like it when buyers start asking for a discount, ordering some small things for $ 50. One would like to say: “Am I supposed to work to zero?” “Where is even cheaper, then ?!”

But you will be surprised, some online store managers do make a discount. In any case, you, as a buyer, do not lose anything at all.

Well, if not, and the evil aunt (or uncle) manager did not make a discount (are they going to work at zero ?!) Do not give up. We will defeat them differently. Read the article further and find out how!

2. There is a super-working reception, which I encountered the other day quite by accident.

I chose a holder for the camera in the car. I searched on different sites, read reviews, well, as it happens when you want to buy something for yourself.

So, in one of the online stores, I opened the product page. Read all the information. And I thought, would I slap a cup of tea?

In general, I went to the kitchen, put the kettle on. Brewed tea. He returned to the room and a little faded.

The smart system of the site decided that if I didn’t dare to buy a product for a long time (the page was open all the time), it means that I need to be slightly stimulated (otherwise I’ll leave and never come back) and offered me a special offer – a discount!

Such a thing, it turns out, is implemented on many Internet portals.

Marketers specifically advise their implementation to retain the interest of the audience to a particular product. Just not everyone knows about it.

So why not take advantage ?! Although, to be honest, I would have bought the product without a discount.

This is how I successfully went for tea.

In general, once in any online store, do not rush to immediately add the product to the cart. How should a walk on the site. View other products. Then go back to your favorite and just wait.

It is not excluded that after a couple of minutes of waiting a window will pop up with a special offer.

3. Always use price comparison aggregators.

They will analyze the Internet market for you and offer stores with the most optimal (cheap) prices for a particular product.

Indeed, as practice shows, the cheapest products can be found on unknown sites that do not have enough money for promotion, and on the first lines of Google.

Unknown sites take the buyer price. Due to the fact that as long as they have small sales volumes, they do not spend money on managers (as a rule, only one manager works in such stores), office rent, etc. Just starting from “overgrown with fat”.

Do not be afraid to order goods on unfamiliar sites, if they are well-made, they have feedback, contacts are indicated, etc. And you can always insure yourself by ordering cash on delivery.

This, of course, is not always profitable for online stores (why – I have already told in this article), but since at the moment I am on the side of the buyer – weird businessmen brothers, I say it is.

4. If only a certain online store suits you (he has a good reputation, they deliver quickly, the store is located near you, etc.), but the price of the goods in it is an order of magnitude higher than that of competitors, tell them about it.

Show that similar products in other stores are cheaper. And ask to sell it to you at the same price.

In most cases it works. Well, if not, then you can always buy the same product from another seller.

5. Just arrange the goods in installments. Now many large online stores are ready to provide you with goods in installments.

Everyone is interested in this. A store (he receives money immediately), banks and other financial institutions (they have an agreement with the store, as well as with you.

Interested in this, oddly enough, and you. Because you practically do not overpay for the goods.

6. You can come to the store (if the online store has an office) and pay for the goods with a credit card.

How does this help to buy goods cheaper? And very easy!

The fact is that many banks practice cashback service. Those. you buy a product, and a certain amount is returned to your card from the purchase (usually 2–3 percent). As they say a trifle, but nice.

7. Finally, here’s another life hacking how to buy things, cheaper than their cost, which concerns already full-fledged brand stores. Sellers of such stores, as a rule, have discount cards. This may be 20.30 and even 50 percent (employers need to “motivate” employees with something). So, you can ask the sales assistants to use these cards. For a modest or not so reward.

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