– First of all, it’s worth considering – who is the one for whom you choose a gift? A friend, friend, relative or … is a person altogether alien?

– It is worth knowing about the tastes and desires of whom you choose to present. If you’re lost in guesses, then it’s best to ask. Often, it happens that people want a gift to be a surprise. Well, let it be so. But still you can at least hint in which direction to move in search of a gift.

– The seller in the store will also ask you what should be a gift? If you do not know what, then at least – for whom.

If and with this problem … Okay, then for what amount – this is also the right approach to the solution of the issue.

– Cosmetics, bedding and underwear are only given to loved ones, relatives or newlyweds. If a barely familiar man presents a woman with something on this list, then this will hint at the intimacy. And this is not always appropriate.

“Forbidden people will not give a scarf, a candle, a purse or a knife in the world for nothing, without asking for this coin, so as not to quarrel. It is believed that an empty purse is a hint of poverty, and it is necessary to put at least small ones, but money. In a cup put candies or tea bags, so as not to be empty.

In a word, it’s better to give all the dishes a full one.

– Men are advised not to give delicious food, not to humiliate them in the eyes of the environment. Women are not advised to give alcoholic beverages, so as not to hint that a woman has a passion for alcohol or that she is a frivolous person.

– Friends choose a gift is easier – they can even comfort a good book or a griddle with a smiley smiley. Even a ticket to a concert or a movie. Work colleagues should not, in any case, give personal things or with a hint of intimacy. And suddenly a colleague will unfold it in the presence of the team and will cover the thick purple – what then? It will be uncomfortable for everyone, and someone will make an entire joke about this.

– What to give to a man in which everything is? Probably something expensive, edible and not absolutely necessary. For example, expensive alcohol in a gift box, a set of teas or souvenirs for a home interior. At least something that can be given to others. After all, when a person has everything, then the best gift for her is you, and not what you bring.

– Children are much easier to choose gifts. And yet it is worth asking what the child wants first of all: a toy, a book, plasticine, paints, pencils, educational games, training sets or designer? Can a photo album, a doll or set for needlework, if it’s a girl ?! And still it is better to consult with parents. It is unlikely that someone will be delighted when, after the holiday, the child is clothed with clay all the chairs and sofas, and paints sculpt curtains and walls …

– Children are not given money. If it’s historically that you prefer to give money, then buy something nice for a child, and give her parents money to use them for the needs of their baby.

– Souvenirs that symbolize different religions, ceremonies or cults will not be very appropriate. Even aromatic sticks, essential oils or innocent pendants in the form of bells. It is worth knowing what religious convictions are the one to whom you go to the living room.

– An inappropriate and unnecessary gift is not at all pleasing and does not create holidays. The money donated in the envelope can sometimes be comforting, but to a greater extent it looks like a waste. Therefore, it is better to give something small but useful.

– A collective gift from a group of people or colleagues is a great opportunity to buy something expensive and necessary, one and expensive. Also, it is good to write a congratulations with different handwritings on a big disco and add a bouquet of flowers to her.

– In order to pay tribute to someone, you should not wait for a holiday or a sorrel. You can make a surprise: buy something nice, useful, in memory and give at the first opportunity.

– Keep in mind that gifts that are given in advance, and then ask to do something or help, are not gifts, but a kind of bribe. The gift does not have to bind anything.

– This also applies to too expensive gifts. For example, a boyfriend and a girlfriend are found. The guy, in order to look cool, gives the girl expensive decorations or souvenirs than she wants to certify her status. The girl will feel embarrassed and studying it as if she wants to buy it. She will try her best to buy a gift that is adequate for the price, because she also does not want to be in debt. I wonder how this ritual will end? Or maybe it’s better not to start it on such high notes? Expensive gifts are only relevant in spouses, and only in exceptional cases. Returning presents is a very unpleasant thing.

– It is important not only to buy a gift, but also to give it a good gift, accompanied by greetings, festive mood, songs, wishes and emotions. Attention and attentiveness are as valuable as wrapped in gift wrap. And sometimes – even more valuable.

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