Japan is a mysterious country, an island where the sun spends the night, where it wakes up and rises. Rich cultural traditions are carefully preserved by the Japanese, passed on to new generations, thanks to which we can enjoy beautiful customs, colorful costumes and delicious cuisine. It is not surprising that they try to imitate this magnificence, and therefore Japanese-style parties are becoming increasingly popular.

The atmosphere of Japan is created from trifles

Where to start? The exotic atmosphere of the country will create the appropriate design of the hall. The basis of the wall decoration can be put images of dragons. You can get a few statuettes in the form of these monsters – this is a great decor for the holiday table. Ideally combined with Japanese culture any bamboo products – curtains, stands for hot, bells. Do not forget about the famous red paper lanterns and blossoming Sakura, perhaps, their presence is mandatory. You can light a pair of fragrant candles, a romantic note is quite appropriate at many events, even if it is a business meeting.

Japanese reincarnation

For those who like to dress, a Japanese-style costume party will be a good option. Geisha girls, boys samurai. In principle, the costumes are not so difficult to find now. As a last resort, you can borrow a kimono from someone and become a real karateka, cruel and merciless. It does not matter that you never had a belt in your hands in your life, for one evening you can become anyone, even an elusive ninja. Women with the help of make-up can become real geishas, ​​for this you will need to “whiten” your face, make your eyes big and paint small lips with red lipstick.

Japanese music

And one more important point – Japanese music. The following groups are best known: UtadaHikaru, AAA, MejkoKaji, and others. Subtle, gentle melody completely immerse all the guests in the fabulous world of Japan.

We make the Japanese menu

The first thing that comes to mind when they talk about Japanese cuisine is rolls. And, of course, sake, or rice vodka. In principle, if the people gathered at the party do not belong to lovers of exotic food, then you can use the usual dishes.

Table setting deserves special attention: rectangular plates, chopsticks, bamboo print elements on tablecloths and napkins. Even if the food on the table is not quite Japanese, even if the style is 100{52b82233016e9a4226c66818116f6b3740271b334297cb8ba0a2d8e65f1c135a} sustained.

We will have fun?

Of course, contests will be useful at any party. How to entertain guests in the Japanese style?

Sumo Competition

You can hold a sumo competition. To do this, we “thicken” the players with the help of scotch tape and balloons, after which the great athletes converge in a bitter fight and try to burst the balls of their opponent and at the same time protect themselves from destruction.

Competition “Samurai”

The competition for the best samurai will surely appeal to those who love to compete. To hold it will need a few sticks and a lot of rings, which on these sticks will lash out. Several pairs of volunteers take part in the tournament at the same time – one squire, another well-aimed samurai. The winner is the one who throws the greatest number of rings on the sword, which holds the squire at a certain distance from the samurai.

Competition “Japanese shooter”

You can compete in the ability to throw darts. This is a great opportunity to determine who the real ninja is hiding from among those present. Alternatively, take the usual game of darts instead of darts.

Creative contests

Towers of speed matches, origami art, calligraphy – the Japanese party is an excellent reason to compete in the arts.

Computer games

By the way, for some bachelor party in the Japanese style perfect fun – a championship game on the console. We can recall such wonderful times when Mortal Kombat was the favorite game of all the boys.

Japan is a multifaceted country, rich in spirit. Its culture is so immense that it is not an easy task to come closer to it even an iota. But with the right approach and organization, you can get a stunning beauty holiday filled with sun, the smell of cherry blossoms and accompanied by a pleasant Japanese melody.

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